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How Affluent Perpetrators Get Away With Sexual Assault

The Prevalence of Sexual Assault and Abuse in Affluent Circles

You’ve most likely heard of former financier Jeffrey Epstein and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, both extremely affluent and well-known individuals in other wealthy circles that include politicians and Hollywood stars. For years, they got away with sexual abuse, assault, and sex trafficking of teenage girls. While Jeffery Epstein never faced legal ramifications due to his death, Ghilslaine is facing up to 65 years in prison for her crimes.

Sadly, sexual abuse and assault are not uncommon in affluent circles, and many Hollywood stars over the past few years have been under fire for sexual assault and abuse — and called out by their victims. From Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein to Chris Noth and countless more, here’s why the rich and famous often get away with sexual crimes.

Using Money and Power To Manipulate Their Victims

When the super-rich and powerful use their influence and money to manipulate others, it can make the victim feel hopeless with nowhere to turn for help. Fighting back against an influential person with vast wealth can seem impossible. They may often use sexual coercion tactics to confuse their victims into saying “yes” to sexual activity or make their victims feel worn down. Some of the most common tactics of sexual coercion are:

  • Making threats to spread rumors about the victim
  • Making threats to their job or career
  • Making threats to reveal the victim’s sexual orientation
  • Making promises to the victim as a reward for sex

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Hollywood, in particular, has a severe problem with sexual assault, harassment, and other sexual crimes. Read on to learn the concerning numbers.

The Pervasiveness of Sexual Assault an Other Sexual Crimes in Hollywood

According to a 2018 USA today survey, 94% of women questioned had experienced some form of sexual assault or harassment during their careers in Hollywood. They also found that the respondents to the survey were subjected to the following types of incidents at least once:

  • Unwelcome sexual comments, jokes, and gestures (87%)
  • Witnessing others experience unwanted forms of sexual comments (75%)
  • Being touched sexually (69%)
  • Seeing others advance professionally from sexual relationships with employers/managers (65%)
  • Propositioned for a sexual act/relationship (64%)
  • Being shown sexual content without consent (39%)
  • Someone exposing themselves (29%)
  • Being forced to do a sexual act (21%)
  • Ordered unexpectedly to appear naked for auditions (10%)

Getting Support After Enduring Sexual Assault

Survivors of sexual assault often feel shame, guilt, and self-blame for what happened. When survivors of sexual assault do not get the support they need, it can make the healing process that much more difficult to bear. Feeling supported can help survivors find the courage to speak out against their perpetrators, no matter how much power or affluence they may have.

At KMD Law, we understand how difficult it is to speak out against your perpetrator. We believe you, and when you are ready to speak out, we are here to support you, guide you through every step of the legal process, and protect your rights.

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