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No one expects to be traumatized by sexual assault when they go for a massage. Unfortunately, some massage parlors, hotels, and spas employ massage therapists who abuse their power and take advantage of their patrons’ trust, causing these patrons irreparable harm.

If you have been the victim of sexual assault at an institutional massage parlor, hotel, or spa, our award-winning national trial lawyers at KMD Law will fight for your rights in a court of law. Our firm handles an extensive variety of cases related to sexual assault and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), making us uniquely equipped to litigate your claim.

Just a sample of the legal victories we have achieved for our clients include:

  • $139 million won in a school district sexual assault case
  • $7.5 million won in a case concerning the sexual assault of a minor
  • $5 million won in a sexual assault case

For many survivors, speaking out about the trauma they have endured may seem intimidating and fruitless, especially when the justice system has failed so many survivors before. Should you work with KMD Law, our attorneys will ensure that your voice is heard, not silenced, as we fight to recover your maximum compensation.

To get started with a free consultation, call (833) 456-3529. Our national lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so if we don’t win, you won’t be charged any legal fees.

Can I Sue a Massage Parlor for Sexual Assault?

Survivors of sexual assault, regardless of where it happens, have the right to sue the perpetrator of that assault and any party that contributed to it.

When a massage therapist commits sexual assault, their employer (i.e. the massage parlor itself) may be held liable for failing to protect patrons from the perpetrator. For instance, if the parlor failed to conduct comprehensive background checks on their therapists before hiring them or even hired a therapist knowing they had a history of committing assault, then the parlor will likely be considered partially liable for any resulting damages.

These damages may include:

  • Medical treatment;
  • Psychological therapies;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life;
  • And more.

What Is Sexual Assault?

It can be easy to confuse sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape; the fact that many people use these terms interchangeably does not help. Put simply, “sexual harassment” is an umbrella term for various types of unwanted sexual attention, including sexual assault. The term “sexual assault” itself refers to a range of criminal sexual acts, including but not limited to:

  • Attempted and completed rape;
  • Unwanted fondling and sexual touching; and
  • Forced sodomy, object penetration, or other sexual acts.

It is important to note that unwanted sexual touching can include many different things, such as nonconsensual groping, kissing, hugging, stroking, rubbing, etc.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

Survivors only have so long to take legal action. The exact window of time can be found in the statute of limitations, which outlines various legal deadlines, belonging to the state in which the sexual assault took place. The age of the victim at the time of the assault will also be taken into account and impact how long a plaintiff has to bring forth a lawsuit.

To determine which deadlines apply to your case, it is recommended that you contact a national sexual assault attorney as soon as possible. We understand that this can seem frightening, but you do not want to wait too long and miss your chance to pursue justice. Sadly, some states have other deadlines in addition to the statute of limitations, such as a deadline to report the assault to law enforcement.

Qualified Legal Advocacy for Survivors

There is no doubt that the trauma of sexual assault can last a lifetime, which is why our national legal team is dedicated to helping you in your massage therapy and spa sexual assault case. We will fight tirelessly for your rights against the massage therapist who caused you harm, as well as the establishment that made it possible for them to do so.

We genuinely understand that nothing can make up for what you have gone through, but we will work to bring those responsible to justice. In our experience, many survivors are able to find some peace of mind knowing no one else will be harmed by the same person and establishment. You could also recover compensation to afford the treatment you need to find closure and move forward.

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