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Both federal and state laws protect employees from sexual harassment in the workplace. Such behavior is completely against the law and worth contesting.

At KMD Law, we have zero tolerance for harassment in the workplace. If you feel like you’ve been subjected to inappropriate comments or behaviors while on the job, we are prepared to provide the aggressive legal defense you deserve. Since 2000, founding attorney Keith M. Davidson has represented numerous clients with overwhelmingly positive results. Let us do the same for you.

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    What Are My Rights If I Was Sexually Harassed At Work?

    Experiencing sexual harassment at work can lead to both physical and emotional pain for the victim. At KMD Law, we find this unacceptable. We are willing to do everything in our power to protect our clients who have been harassed, as well as provide the litigation and compensation they are entitled to.

    As an employee, you have the following rights:

    • Right to a safe work environment
    • Right to report your workplace harassment to your employer
    • Right to report your workplace harassment to the California DFEH, or other similar agency in other states
    • Right to file a lawsuit against your employer for your workplace harassment
    • Finally, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for the harm you have endured!

    Workplace sexual harassment is a sensitive issue and should be handled with care. KMD Law can help you understand all your rights under the law and advise you of the best course of action. Our ultimate goal is to see you fairly compensated for the pain and suffering you have endured at the hands of a supervisor or co-worker.

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    What Counts as Workplace Sexual Harassment?

    How can you tell if you or a coworker has been sexually harassed? Workplace sexual harassment includes conduct of a sexual nature that offends, distresses, humiliates, or otherwise affects a victim in a way that makes it difficult for him or her to perform their job.

    There are two primary types of workplace sexual harassment:

    • Quid Pro Quo Harassment: This occurs when employment decisions, such as hiring, promotions, salary increases, or continued employment, are based on the acceptance or rejection of sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. For example, a supervisor might promise a raise or a promotion in exchange for sexual favors or threaten to demote or fire someone who refuses such advances.
    • Hostile Work Environment: This type of harassment involves unwelcome sexual behavior that is severe or pervasive enough to create an intimidating, hostile, or abusive work environment. It can consist of, but is not limited to:
      • Non-consensual, purposeful physical contact
      • Sexually charged or explicit questions and comments
      • Leering or ogling
      • Jokes or remarks about sex
      • Stalking
      • Persistently asking someone for a date, sex, or sexual favors
      • Attempted or actual non-consensual sexual contact
      • Sending or displaying unsolicited images of a sexual or explicit nature
      • Sexual contact between an employee and their supervisor

    Workplace sexual harassment can be perpetrated by anyone in the work environment, including supervisors, co-workers, clients, or customers. It can affect any employee regardless of their gender, although it disproportionately affects women.

    How Can I Report Sexual Harassment?

    Even one instance of sexual harassment can create a hostile work environment and should therefore be reported as soon as possible. You don’t have to be the victim in order to come forward—California law dictates that any person who witnesses sexual harassment of any kind has a duty to report it.

    1. Report the act of sexual harassment to the employer - If you've been sexually harassed at work, you should report the incident to your employer as soon as possible. Your employer has a legal responsibility to address harassment in the workplace and protect it's employees. Chances are, your complaint is not the first concerning the employee in question. Additionally, having a record of the harassment on file can be very beneficial if you decide to sue your employer at a later time.
    2. Report the sexual harassment to a state or federal agency - Even if you've already reported the harassment to your employer, you still have the option to report the issue to a state or federal agency. Some states may require you to file an official complaint before you can sue your employer. Here is a full list of state FEPAs where claims can be filed.

    What Are The Legal Remedies Available for Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment?

    In California, victims of workplace sexual harassment have several legal remedies available to them. These include:

    • Filing a Complaint: Victims can file a formal complaint with their employer's human resources department or management. California law requires employers to have a procedure in place for handling such complaints.
    • Administrative Charges: Victims can file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). These agencies investigate claims of workplace harassment and may pursue legal action on behalf of the victim.
    • Lawsuits: Victims have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the harasser, the employer, or both. A successful lawsuit can result in financial compensation for damages such as emotional distress, lost wages, and medical expenses.
    • Retaliation Protection: California law prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who report or participate in investigations of workplace sexual harassment. Victims who face retaliation can take legal action to protect their rights.
    • Injunctive Relief: Courts may issue injunctions or restraining orders to prevent further instances of harassment in the workplace.

    Understanding the Emotional Impact of Sexual Harassment

    Experiencing sexual harassment at work can have a profound emotional impact on victims. It is important to recognize and address the emotional toll that workplace sexual harassment can have on individuals. At KMD Law, we understand the unique challenges that victims face and are committed to providing compassionate support throughout the legal process.

    Some common emotional effects of workplace sexual harassment include:

    • Anxiety and depression
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Loss of self-esteem and confidence
    • Sleep disturbances and nightmares
    • Difficulty concentrating or focusing

    Our workplace sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles is not only dedicated to fighting for your rights, but also to ensuring that you receive the emotional support you need during this difficult time. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, don't hesitate to reach out to KMD Law. We are here to listen, support, and advocate for you every step of the way.

    The Importance of Seeking Emotional Support

    Experiencing workplace sexual harassment can have a significant impact on your emotional well-being, including feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, and even depression. It's important to seek emotional support to help you cope with these difficult emotions and move forward.

    We believe that taking care of your emotional health is just as important as pursuing legal action, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

    Some of the benefits of seeking emotional support include:

    • Validation of your experience
    • Learning coping strategies to manage difficult emotions
    • Reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness
    • Regaining a sense of control and empowerment
    • Improving overall mental health and well-being

    If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment, don't hesitate to reach out to our Los Angeles workplace sexual harassment lawyer for support and guidance. We are here to help you navigate this challenging time and move forward towards healing and justice.

    Contact a Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney from KMD Law!

    KMD Law is here to offer support and legal guidance after incidences of workplace sexual harassment in California and across the nation. We've successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients who have been subjected to sexual abuse in the workplace, the entertainment industry, schools, and religious institutions.

    Here’s how we can assist you:

    • Expert Guidance: We possess specialized knowledge and extensive experience in handling workplace sexual harassment cases. Our expertise allows us to navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring your case is built on a solid foundation.
    • Comprehensive Case Evaluation: We can evaluate the specifics of your situation to determine the strength of your case. By understanding the nuances and legal precedents, we help you understand your rights and the potential outcomes.
    • Effective Communication: Dealing with legal matters can be intimidating, especially when interacting with employers or opposing counsel. We act as your advocate, handling all communications and negotiations, ensuring your voice is heard clearly and professionally.
    • Thorough Investigation: Our team conducts a meticulous investigation to gather crucial evidence, such as witness statements, documents, and other relevant materials. This thorough approach helps build a compelling case to support your claims.
    • Protection Against Retaliation: Victims of workplace sexual harassment often fear retaliation. We help protect your rights and take steps to prevent any retaliatory actions by your employer, ensuring you can pursue your case without additional stress.
    • Maximizing Compensation: We are committed to securing the maximum compensation you deserve, whether it’s for lost wages, emotional distress, medical expenses, or other damages. Our negotiation skills and legal expertise aim to achieve the best possible outcome for you.
    • Legal Representation in Court: If your case goes to trial, we provide strong representation, presenting your case effectively to the court. Our litigation experience ensures that your interests are well-represented throughout the legal proceedings.
    • Emotional Support and Advocacy: Navigating a sexual harassment case can be emotionally taxing. We offer not only legal support but also compassionate guidance, helping you feel understood and supported during this challenging time.
    • Confidentiality and Discretion: We handle your case with the utmost confidentiality and discretion, ensuring your privacy is protected throughout the legal process.

    Let us provide you with the compensation you deserve. Call KMD Law now at (833) 456-3529 or contact us online.


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