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Can You Sue Someone for Knowingly Infecting You with an STD?

Can you Sue Someone for Giving you an STD?

Yes. You are able to sue someone for giving you an STD in the state of California. Those who have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) must disclose this information to potential partners before any sexual activity begins. Failure to do so is considered a crime in the state of California.

Below, we discuss what you can do if you have fallen victim to this crime.

Holding Someone Responsible for Transmitting an STD

Everyone is required to stay up-to-date on their health information. This includes getting regular STD checks and other health screenings.

This comes into play in an STD lawsuit, because parties may be held liable for transmitting an STD to someone else if they knew about their infection (or should have reasonably known about their infection) and did not tell their sexual partner about it.

Through an STD lawsuit, you may seek compensation for the transmission of:

  • Genital herpes

  • Gonorrhea


  • Cervical cancer from HPV

  • Chronic hepatitis B

  • Syphilis

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