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Liver Dr. John Hoefs of Orange County, CA, Accused of Groping Female Patients

Dr. John Carl Hoefs, a liver doctor in Orange County, California, has been arrested and charged with seven counts of sexual battery, according to the Orange County district attorney’s office. The arrest follows complaints from two women who say he groped their breasts during medical exams. One of the women stated that he sexually assaulted her five times throughout the last four years while he worked at a medical clinic in Irvine. The other woman says she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Hoefs twice, both in 2016.

Criminal investigators are worried that Dr. Hoefs may have sexually assaulted many more women, but that those women have not yet spoken up. It is understandably difficult to come forth with such a serious accusation against someone in a position of authority, so many sexual assault survivors hesitate to seek help. Given that the allegations against Dr. Hoefs date back to 2016 and recount multiple sex crimes, it could be possible that he has a long history of such acts committed against his patients.

The Irvine Police Department is encouraging anyone who has information about alleged sexual assaults and sexual batteries carried out by Dr. John Hoefs to call 949-724-7170 and ask for Detective Rebecca Steen. Typically, criminal investigations and prosecutions become more effective as the number of victims who speak up increases, so now might be the best time for you to say something if Dr. Hoefs sexually assaulted or otherwise hurt you as his patient.

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Lawsuits Against Dr. John Hoefs

At KMD Law, we are currently investigating the criminal case and accusations against Dr. John Carl Hoefs of Orange County, California. It is likely that he will soon face sexual abuse lawsuits filed by women who alleged that he sexually assaulted them during medical examinations. Importantly, civil action can be taken against sexual offenders who have not been prosecuted and/or convicted. The criminal justice system and the civil court systems are separate for a reason.

Do you want to speak up against Dr. Hoefs and explore your legal options? Our doctor sexual abuse lawsuit attorneys offer experienced, tenacious, and discreet legal representation for victims of sexual abuse. Our trauma-informed team of attorneys and support staff are ready to help you use your voice and feel confident as you pursue the justice you deserve.

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