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I’ve been Sexually Assaulted. Where Can I Get Help?

Receiving Help and Support After Sexual Assault

Experiencing sexual assault can be a traumatic experience, and it is vital for survivors to seek help and support. Many resources are available that can assist in the immediate aftermath of an assault and throughout the healing process. Here are some steps to take.

Report the Sexual Assault to the Authorities

When someone experiences sexual assault, reporting to the authorities is a critical step. This is important for safety reasons and to help bring the perpetrator to justice. Depending on your location, there may be different protocols for reporting a sexual assault. It is also essential to know what legal rights you have in your state or country concerning filing a civil case against your assailant. Read on to learn more about your legal rights and options in California.

Legal Assistance

Filing a civil lawsuit for a sexual assault case can be an incredibly daunting process, especially for someone who has gone through the trauma of such a heinous attack. Working with the right lawyer can make this process easier by providing key advice and guidance throughout. At KMD Law, we have the necessary experience and expertise to provide support in protecting your rights as a survivor and explain the legal options available to you. We will you with advice on navigating the court system, supporting documents to include as evidence, and along with other important/pertinent legislation which might be applicable to your case. Having a reliable partner in law will not only relieve you of additional stress during this difficult time but can help ensure that justice is served.

Getting Support & Counseling

It is also important to get support and counseling after experiencing sexual assault. It can be challenging to cope with the trauma after such an event, but there are resources available that can help make this process easier. Many states offer free counseling programs specifically for victims of sexual violence, which may include individual or group therapy sessions. Additionally, many cities have organizations dedicated solely to helping survivors of sexual violence cope with their trauma and heal from their experiences.

KMD Law is Here For You

KMD Law understands the impact sexual assault has on survivors — especially when it comes time to speak out against their perpetrators. We are dedicated to supporting you through this tough time. Our team will strive for justice on behalf of survivors while holding perpetrators accountable for their wrongdoings - offering a safe space where survivors don't need to face this alone.

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