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How Much Does an STD Lawyer Cost?

How Does Contingency Work in STD Lawsuits?

In California, someone who doesn’t disclose their STD status to their sexual partner can be held responsible through an STD lawsuit, as well as possibly face criminal charges. If you’ve contracted an STD unexpectedly from a sexual partner, you may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and more. However, many people pursuing an STD claim often wonder how much it will cost.

At KMD Law, we operate on a contingency basis. Read on to learn why this is a cost-effective approach for our clients.

How Do Lawyers Get Paid on Contingency?

A client will pay their attorney a contingency fee when a claim is handled successfully. In a contingency fee arrangement, the attorney and client agree to a fixed percentage of their recovery. This is beneficial to the client since there is no upfront, out-of-pocket expenses. Since every case is different, it’s critical to discuss your contingency agreement in detail with your attorney to learn what you can expect.

How Do I Choose the Right Lawyer For My STD Claim?

While many personal injury lawyers may take on your STD claim, you’ll want to make sure that they are experienced in handling STD lawsuits. This area of personal injury law is complicated and proving someone intentionally gave you an STD can be an arduous task. At KMD Law handle all types of personal injury claims. However, our primary focus is on STD claims and sexual assault lawsuits. When interviewing attorneys for your case, it’s essential to ask them what types of cases they primarily handle.

Contracted an Unexpected STD? We’re Here to Help.

If you contracted an STD from a partner who did not inform you of their status our team at KMD Law can help you seek justice while protecting your privacy. We have extensive experience in STD claims, and we’re who you want on your side.

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