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What is Trichomoniasis?

Also known as “trich,” trichomoniasis is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). An infection causes this STD from a protozoan parasite called trichomonas vaginalis. While men can become infected with trichomoniasis, it’s most common in women. Symptoms of trichomoniasis vary and, in many cases, can go undetected, so without regular screenings, someone may not know that they are infected.

Symptoms of Trichomoniasis

Most people infected with trichomoniasis do not have any symptoms. However, when symptoms are present, here’s what women may experience:

  • Itching, burning, redness, and soreness in the vaginal area.
  • Discomfort during urination.
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge.

Complications of Trichomoniasis

If left untreated, trichomoniasis can increase the risk of getting or spreading other STDs. Since trichomoniasis can cause inflammation of the genitals, it can make it easier to become infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or pass HIV to a sexual partner. Pregnant women infected with trichomoniasis are at higher risk of preterm delivery, and babies are more likely to have a low birth weight.

Trichomoniasis Treatments

Trichomoniasis can be cured with metronidazole or tinidazole. Both medications are safe for pregnant women to take. Even though trichomoniasis is treatable, to avoid getting reinfected, all sexual partners should also be treated at the same time and avoid sexual activity until the medication is finished and no symptoms are present.

Your Legal Rights After Contracting an STD

Learning you have an STD from a sexual partner that failed to disclose their STD status is devastating news. When you don’t know where to turn for help, it can make it much more stressful and scary. Know that you are not alone and may have grounds to pursue an STD lawsuit to hold the individual accountable for their careless actions. Filing an STD lawsuit can help you recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

Understandably, speaking out against a sexual partner who gave you an STD is a daunting situation, especially when concerned about privacy. Our caring lawyers are here to protect your privacy and rights with support through a difficult time.

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