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Unfortunately, many companies today run on the “quantity over quality” model of production. This means that the process of designing and testing products might be expedited and that mistakes may happen along the way. When these types of products inevitably malfunction, they can cause great injury to the user or their loved ones.

Come to Beacon Law Firm if you have been injured by a defective product. Companies ought to be held to a high standard of responsibility towards their clients, and when they violate that responsibility, they ought to make things right. Our Los Angeles product liability lawyer is backed by 18+ years of experience and is an aggressive trial attorney with a passion for obtaining results for his clients.

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The Basis for a Product Liability Lawsuit in California

Product liability lawsuits are based upon two legal theories in California: strict liability and negligence.

Here is the difference between the two:

  • Strict liability: This allows the victim to sue the manufacturer without having to prove negligence as long as the product had an inherent design flaw, a manufacturing error, or a marketing defect.
  • Negligence: This requires that the victim proves the manufacturer was negligent in the creation or manufacturing process of the defective product.

As an example, if a children’s toy caught on fire due to being left out in the sun, the company could be sued on the basis of strict liability in the form of a design flaw.

On the other hand, if the company did not clearly regulate the manufacture of a toy, was lenient in their safety protocols, or lacking in their training procedures, the company could be sued on the basis of negligence.

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